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We work with innovative companies from ideation to when they are fully up and running.Our pricing packages are also very flexible enough to accommodate the startup process.We understand it because we have been there ourselves.We do not see our companies just as clients but also as partners because we are invested in their successes as well.We also ensure that your company is compliant with all the necessary regulations.We have worked with clients in a variety of industries from Music industries,photography,Brewery,Fintech to Oil and Gas Industries.

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Chi Shella Fru

Barrister at law | Notary public | Arbitrator | solicitor


We work at bringing efficient and innovative legal solutions to our clients. The idea behind Chi Legal Consultancy  was to connect to a platform of potential clients online who will not brief us based on  age,color,race,appearance or background but based on y competence.Chi Legal Consultancy is aimed at showcasing the competence and know how of Young Cameroonian gentleman in skirt(no ladies at the bar) Lawyer, to eradicate the stigma or tag placed on young lawyers(New wigs) as being incompetent but equally and most importantly to provide you with timely legal solutions.

Fru Shella Chi  was first qualified as a barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme court of Nigeria and was called to the Nigerian bar after completing her training at the Nigerian Law school Abuja,(Bwari Campus) where she graduated with Honors.She was later admitted into the Cameroon Bar Association and was called as Barrister and Notary Public of the Supreme Courts of Cameroon.She equally holds a Master’s in International Law from the University of Yaounde II.She has attended several courses locally as well as overseas including Arbitration short courses with ICAMA(International center for Mediation and Arbitration )Abuja and is presently undergoing an Intellectual property course with WIPO.

Her passion and love for children inspires’ her to  run an association known as MERCY CAMERON with Motto “Make a Child Smile”where she advocates for Children’s Right to education and empower’s children with special needs.

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“its not about your looks but its about your brains”