To register a Non-governmental organisation in Cameroon,you would first need to register an association.Below are the requirements you need to establish an association and a few tips on how to move from an association to a Non_government organisation.

Information Required.

1.Name of the association.
2.Name and address of Founder/Coordinator/President.
3.Name and address of members.
4.The purpose or objective of the association.
5.Desired headquarters.

Documents Required.

1. Application or motivation letter(to be stamped dutied).

2. Certified National Identity card of each member.

3. Localisation plan of members.

4. 2 copies of the organisation’s constitution.

5. 2 copies of minutes of meeting.

TAKE NOTICE, that your associations will not automatically gain status of a Non-governmental organisation upon registration .This will be possible only after three years of active operation.

Tips on how to move from an association to a Non-governmental organisation in 3years.

○Hold seminars, make donations etc.

○Take pictures during activities carried out or organised by the association.

○Register your association’s details in the visitor’s book of every school or orphanage you visit.

○Follow up to get it done.

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By Barrister Fru Shella.


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